My Biological Clock Debated

So it’s difficult being a 28-year-old single woman. When you are not married at this age, people tend to believe it is hopeless for you to possibly find someone. In fact, the general trend for many of my friends and family is to tell me to give up, because “Amy, you don’t need a man to start a family.” Now, bear with me, I love and care about each person who suggests this to me, but really? That is exactly like saying, “Amy, you aren’t worth waiting for the right man, skip step one and two immediately, and make a huge life decision based on emotion.” I understand that being a single parent is very common, but would it really be fair to that baby not to give it at least a shot at having two parents? Also single parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s rewarding yes, but given the choice I would much rather follow suit with Disney’s idea of romance. Step one: Fall in love. Step two: Get Married. Step three: have children.

I straight up had a family member tell me the other day that “it’s okay, lots of women are finding sperm on the internet.” She learned this from a talk show. I was mortified! What more can you do besides laugh hysterically, and pretend that you didn’t feel that knife shoved into your heart. I’m still in my twenties, and accordingly I think that I have a couple more years at least to figure it out. But online sperm is definitely not a solution to the problem of wanting to settle down.

Also what is wrong with being single, and figuring out who you are before rushing into a relationship. Adventure and solitude is not always a bad thing before saying, “okay I am ready to commit my life to another person.” I believe that rushing into settling down has caused many marriages to end in divorce before the marriage has even lasted five years. I bet there are many people out there, reading this thinking- Amen sister!

So dear family and friends, I love you, but please continue to have faith in my social skills. I am a beautiful, smart, sometimes witty woman with more to offer than store bought sperm and a turkey baster for a future family.



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