Pessimist who inspires optimism

I’m a fresh blogger, so please forgive me if I am boring, or ridiculous, or I use inappropriate run-on sentences like a little kid excited to write for the first time. That was a run-on sentence for those of you out there reading this, and who are not as nerdy as I am about the English language. So I guess I should start with why I chose to write this blog.

An online dating site led me to consider writing for strangers. This is funny right? I saw this really angry gentleman on said online dating site, while I was considering joining (for a second time); and I noticed that he had added his blog at the end. It was really like strange advertising because his profile read like he was an arrogant self-absorbed prick, with nothing but time on his hands to write condescending things about women he saw as desperate for putting up profiles. (I’m struggling with whether or not I should insert the hypocrisy of his statements here, of which, he admits to; however I have faith in my readers that you have picked up on this fact). So off I went to blogging land where, I could not stop reading. It was an instant addiction to random thoughts put out by this man, who I am sure is not as atrocious and he led me to believe. He was pessimistic, irritating, but inspiring. Yes, you heard correctly, inspiring. He wrote an expose on sex and dating and as painful as it was to admit I agreed with one of his statements. And this is not the exact wording here, but he said that women wait for a knight to come and save them from their lives. And while they wait for Mr. Perfect, they miss out on life, adventure, and sex. I was not so sure I agreed with the sex part of his argument because he complained that women who hold out on sex in the beginning of relationships are looking to control the men that they are with, and are totally unwilling to engage in more exciting sexual activities. (This is the polite way to rephrase this by the way). I believe women are tired of being treated like sex objects and are just looking for a man to honor and respect their bodies. At least that is what I hold out for. Alas, I digress, I commented on this man’s blog. I hit him with the same pessimistic bullshit he was throwing, but from a woman’s point of view. Now I am wondering whether or not he kept my comment or tossed it aside, because I could have been viewed as a cranky hater. When indeed it is quite the opposite. I want to live adventurously, and if this knight on his mighty steed won’t show up, why should I waste my time? So here, I should also let you know that I thanked him, for talking me out of online dating; and instead, inspired me to get out there and find adventure. And if it so happens that commitment falls in my path, and settling down makes sense, I will take it. Otherwise, leave a message I am too busy discovering what is out there in the world.

So for those of you I have lost in my crazy rambling stream of consciousness, my apologies. But I am now getting to the point of why I am writing a blog in the first place. One of the adventures I truly want in life is to write, and what better way to start than to blog about myself. A little narcissism never hurt anyone right? And if I was glued to the ramblings of a pessimist and I still got the optimistic message, than may be people will see something in my thoughts that will inspire them too. So look out world Amy is now a blogger!