Knitting Circles Should Rule the World

I’ve taken up a new hobby, knitting, and at my local yarn shop there is a meeting once a week called Knitter’s Anonymous. Each week I walk out of this three hour knit and gab fest feeling really good about life. These women, who are often the same women I see each week, and sometimes new ones, are always thought provoking and welcoming, and lovely. When I walk out of that little circle I feel a sense of weight lifting off of my shoulders. Why? Because in five minutes, you can hear ten different solutions to a life problem you may have, with out judgement, just the sound of knitting needles clanking together. It is beautiful really the power of a group of people, who just accept each other, who make each other laugh, and listen to each other’s rantings and ravings. Attendance isn’t mandatory, there is no cost to join, and there is always an open chair for anyone who chooses to be involved. Now that is community! One that I am proud to be a part of!

At one point in this week’s meeting we began to discuss local politics, and I now strongly believe we should forget city counsel, forget town mayors, and instead have a  knitting circle; each person could share their opinion while concentrating on the rhythmic motion of looping yarn. It’s a meditation, a calming tool and a way to open up a person to the different perspectives each individual has. There is something about this rhythm that makes my brain work harder and ideas flow to me as if they were just the next stitch on the needle. Oftentimes, I am blown away by a statement or perspective that one of these women have, that I honestly may never have thought about before. Being part of a little community like this creates a sense of closeness and interconnectedness that I have not experienced before. So I say the next counsel meeting, should have knitting needles and inspiring women that come up with the most profound ideas on how to make the world a better place.

Don’t forget the laughter! The most witty things I have ever heard or said, happen in this circle. This is not for grannies anymore, we talk about everything you could possibly imagine and laugh hysterically while doing so. So if you are interested Electrictree Yarns has a pretty amazing community of knitters who you will inevitably laugh, cry and celebrate with you. Thank you my friend for introducing me to the world of knitting I will never be the same!


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